On the road again

"In the end, we decide if we’re remembered for what happened to us or for what we did with it." – Randy K. Milholland

With no ill effects from running a marathon Saturday, I met up with a group of runners Tuesday and headed out for a 3-mile jog. While I felt great before, the real test was going to be how the legs handled running. It felt great, and I’m looking forward to resuming my regular schedule of running (but fewer miles) so quickly.

To cash in on my marathon fitness, I’m looking at running a couple races in the coming weeks:

  • The 31st annual Firecracker Footrace in Park Rapids, Minn., on July 4. There’s a 5K and 10K version of the race, which costs $20.
  • The 28th annual Saint Urho Run in Menahga, Minn, which offers a 5K and 10K run on Saturday, July 11. The courses are both on- and off-road, and I’ve heard great reviews about this unique local race. The price is $10 if you pay by July 6 or $15 after. The price doesn’t include a shirt, but there are a couple of options for those who want a T-shirt or technical apparel.

Tentatively, once those races are over, I’ll look at more marathon specific training again in my build up to the Twin Cities Marathon in October.

It’s amazing how many people I’ve talked to recently who are running TCM, so once again I’ll know a lot of people there. One of those people includes a college buddy who recently started running and experienced his first race last month while doing the marathon relay in Fargo. I knew that he had gotten the running bug, but I was still surprised last week when he sent me a text message saying he signed up for TCM. But it’s awesome that he’s jumping into the sport with both feet and already committed to taking on the marathon challenge.

The number of congratulations I’ve received after running Grandma’s Marathon on Saturday has been amazing, and I’m appreciative of the comments, phone calls and emails I’ve received. It was a little interesting, too, that a guy stopped and chatted with me on the street last night, mentioning he reads all my columns in The Forum. Ironically, we finished within a few seconds of each other at the Fargo Marathon, and he passed along some great suggestions for reading. He’s run 17 marathons and I’m always interested in hearing other runners’ stories. And I’m going to take him up on the suggestion to check out some of George Sheehan’s writings.

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